Somali Mental Health Foundation short visit to Bosaso Mental Health Center



One of the mandates of The Somali Mental Health Foundation is to establish collaborative working relationships with the medical community and hospitals in Somalia. As such, the foundation’s representative and managing Nurse Practitioner, Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar visited Bossaso City, November, 2015.

Mr. Abdiqani have seen around fifty mental health patients who were housed in this new building. The previous location was not a good facility to care for mental health patients.

One of the main concern is that this new mental health location does not have a full time permanent health workers who are trained to deal with mentally ill people though there were few students from East Africa University who are all volunteers. The main focus of this trip was to train these volunteer students and help them learn to care, treating, and management of mental health patients. The training was setup for two weeks for Thursdays and Friday which is the only time Mr. Abdiqani can be free.

Mr. Askar’s visit to Bossaso was to build  alliance, and to support Mental Health Centers in order to facilitate much-needed treatments to patients and training to staff. Mr. Askar received friendly and courteous welcoming to Bossaso.



Mr. Abdiqani is also in preparation to visit Garowe Mental Health Center soon.