Who We Are

Somalia Mental Health Foundation (SMHF) is Mental Health and Psychosocial Support organization in Somalia and established in 2011 by Somalia Diasporas in USA, as a non-profit, non-government organization. It was registered in Sandusky, OH, USA and Somalia. It will operate all the Somali regions.


The Somali Mental Health Foundation (SMHF) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization, whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to improve and protect the lives and dignity of people with mental health disorders and children with learning disability in Somali. The SMHF also endeavors to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and Universal humanitarian principles. Established in 1863



  • Human resource development that will be the cornerstone for the delivery of a simplified mental health care services that is integrated to the existing primary health care service.
  • Organize Seminars and Workshops on mental health issues for general medical practitioners, school teachers, health workers, other community leaders and opinion makers.
  • Conduct research on various psycho-social and general mental health related issues including survey on prevalence of psychiatric morbidity and clinical depression in low-income areas of Somalia ,
  • Carry out surveys on attitudes and beliefs among community members about mental illness, and demographic and diagnostic data on patients who are seen at the clinic.
  • Organize training and workshops in self-empowerment and psycho-social wellness for women and girls in low income areas.
  • Set up of mental health camps where psychiatric consultation and medicines are provided free-of-charge.
  • Raise awareness about violence against women and girls and its impact on their mental health

Board of Directors

Dr. Hodan S. Isse Dr. Hodan S. Isse is Co-founder & Board of the Somali Mental Health Foundation. Dr. Hodan, S. Isse is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor Finance and Managerial Economics School of Management, University at Buffalo, New York.   She received her Ph.D. in Economics 2002: Dissertation: The Effect of Foreign Aid on Trade …

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Meet Dr. Abas Jama

Dr. Jama is a well-respected Psychiatrist by training in the United States. He has a private practice in Sandusky, Ohio and specializes in adult psychiatry. He is a member of the Medical Staff of Firelands Regional Medical Center and Firelands Physician Group, Mercy Hospital in Lorain, Ohio and a member of the American Medical Association and American …

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