What We Do

The Somalia Mental Health Foundation will address following :

Community Mental Health education and research

  • Seminars and Workshops for general practitioners, school teachers, health workers, and other community leaders and opinion makers for sensitization on mental health issues.
  •  Research on various psychosocial and health related issues including survey on prevalence of psychiatric morbidity and clinical depression in low-income areas of  Somalia , survey of attitudes and beliefs among community members about mental illness, and demographic and diagnostic data on patients who are seen at the clinic.
  • Training workshops in self-empowerment and psychosocial wellness for women and girls in low income areas.
  • Mental Health Camps where psychiatric consultation and medicines are provided free-of-cost.
  • Street theater in low-income areas to raise awareness about violence against women and girls and its impact on their mental health.

Raising Awareness

  • Organizing Mental Health Day every year on October 10th on the call of World Federation for Mental Health and WHO.
  • Publication of a special Souvenir every year on the theme of Mental Health Day.
  • Leaflets on common mental health diseases in Somalia distributed free.


Somalia has been plagued by war and virtual anarchy for over two decades that destroyed all the institutions in the country. The tragedy which affected everyone and millions of Somalis fled the country after the civil war and built their lives elsewhere; in 2007, nearly 460,000 Somali individuals were seeking asylum in surrounding countries. However, …

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Galkayo Medical Center Training

Project Sites

Gardho Mental Health Center Head Quarters of Somali Mental Health Foundation Outpatient Mental Health Center located in Gardho in Puntland State of Somalia Established by in 2011 by Somali Mental Health Foundation with Funding from Somali Diaspora  Objective of the clinic is to provide mental health services to individuals with severe mental health condition Details Report 2012 …

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