Somali Mental Health Foundation Visits Kismayo


One of the mandates of The Somali Mental Health Foundation is to establish collaborative working relationships with the medical community and hospitals in Somalia. As such, the foundation’s representative and  Nurse Practitioner, Mr.Abdulkadir Khalif Ali & Hodan Hassan visited  Kismayo ,24Jan-22Feb,2014, in order to strength, an already established partnership with Kismayo  Mental Health Center in Kismayo, Jubbaland State of Somalia.

Since, the collapsed of Somalia’s central government, the country has experienced an increase of mental health, Kismayo, which is the four largest city of the Somali and the biggest metropolitan were affected the most. This collaboration between The Somali Mental Health Foundation and Kismayo Mental Health Centres is to develop a strong working relationship in order to strength the country’s mental health state and to creating community awareness and empowerment in the area of mental health.

To build and operate a viable mental health and treatment in Somalia is having a strong central healthcare system in conjunction with mental health professionals and community. This is the first step to develop, encourage, support, and partner with Somali professionals with mental health expertise to create mutual support, conduct advocacy and influence the policy-making process in Somalia.

The Somali Mental Health Foundation team visit to Kismayo was to build on the alliance, and to support Kismayo Mental Health Centres in order to facilitate much-needed treatments to patients.  The Somali Mental Health Foundation team received friendly and courteous welcoming to Kismayo and given a tour to the Kismayo Mental Health Center, Internally Displaced People (IDP) facilities and the patients.

Kismayo Mental Health Center is the only mental health center working in Kismayo with outpatients and inpatients. SMHF team met over 1000 patients with varies mental health conditions; Bipolar, schizophrenia, acute psychosis, post-traumatic stress, and Depression.  SMHF team worked with Kismayo community, for fifteen days, treated over 1000 patients, and provided a necessary education and support to the staff. This is the beginning of very fruitful and lasting partnership to enhance and build the shattered Somalia’s mental health institutions.