Issia Mohamed Story


Issia A. Mohamed, a 18 year old teenager was stricken by psychological illness when she was four months old according her mother. As you can see in this picture taken by a visiting member in Garowe, Somalia, Issia is condemned in this small empty filthy room with a rope tied to her leg which is secured in the wall so she can’t harm her self or others. Issia is very lucky since she has her mother who is taking care of her and loves her. Issia depends completely on her mother’s assistance. The family is very poor and Issia’s condition and needs puts the family a lot of stress.

This story is very disturbing so we will focus on the positive outcome. When Somali Mental Health Foundation members heard the story of Issia, we immediately informed Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar, Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner and Medical Director of the Somali Mental Health Foundation in Qardho Center. He travelled from Qardho to Garowe since there is no mental health ambulance to transport her to Qardho,where the nearest functioning Somali Mental Health clinic is located.

Mr. Abdiqani Askar evaluated Issia’s condition and immediately prescribed chlorpromazine 50mg, which treats mental disorders and severe behavior disorders. Issia started taking the medicine and after the second day she started sleeping, eating, not harming herself, wear her clothes, and also become calm for the first time in eighteen years. 

This is really good news for Issia’s mother and she informed Mr. Abdiqani of Issia’s condition and how her life has improved and changed for the better. She never expected her daughter’s condition to ever change. She is very thankful to Somali Mental Health Foundation, specially Mr. Abdiqani who took the time to travel from Qardho to Garowe, which is a distance of around 205 km  just to see Issia and help her.

This is just a temporary solution to Issia’s condition, it is a start and Issia will need a lot of support and help.

According to the World Health Organization,  1 in 3 somali citizens suffer some of form of psychological illness due to lack of Mental Health Institution, years of war, famine and other issues. Majority of mentally ill citizens are locked away from the public, and an example of this is Issia Mohamed. The mentally disabled in Somalia are in crisis and are in dire need of help from people who care. Please support this cause as we do our best to make a difference for those in need.