The Story of Khadra Diriye


Khadra Diriye, a 40 year old mother of two beautiful children from Djibouti (Somalia). Khadra, a live stock trader/businesswoman travelled and did business between Djibouti, Somalia, and Yemen.

Live stock trading is a difficult business and requires a lot of hard work and patience. Khadra Diriye met a lot of challenges and many difficulties. One special event had a profound affect in her health when all her money was stolen in Hargeisa, Northern Somalia. She did not have any support system during this difficult time and she developed a mental illness.

She travelled to Qardho City, Puntland, Somalia and become severely mentally ill and also become homeless.

Luckily, the Qardho community especially the women got involved about Khadra’s situation and contacted Somali Mental Health Foundation. Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar, Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner and Medical Director of the Somali Mental Health Foundation in Qardho Center, evaluated her condition and provided all the necessary help needed. He prescribed her medication and she starting taking her medicine for about three months with his supervision and care.

With greatness of God’s almighty, Khadra Diriye  felt better and was cured from the mental illness. She wanted to go back to her family, especially her two beautiful children in Djibouti, but could not remember anything. Since Khadra lost contact with her family during those difficult four years of illness, the Qardho community with the help of Somali Mental Health Foundation started to share her story through websites and social media to find her family. Finally and successfully her family contacted us. The family did not know where she was during her ordeal and felt very sorry for what happen to her. They thanked the Qardho community and Somali Mental Health Foundation for their kindness and love. Khadra Diriye finally went back to her home and was united with her family with a healthy body and mind.


Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar, Somali Mental Health Foundation and Khadra Dirie