SMHF Visit to Borama University

Somalia has been struggling with civil war for the past 24 years with significant number of the population being impacted by the trauma of war and poverty. According to World Health Organizations, Somalia has higher prevalence of mental health disorders than in other low income and war-torn countries.

With this fact on the ground few people understand the magnitude of mental disorder in Somalia like Somali Mental Health Foundation does.

Somalia Mental Health Foundation is a US based nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve and protect the lives and dignity of people with mental health disorders and children with learning disabilities in Somalia.

SMHF Organize seminars and workshops on mental health issues for general medical practitioners, school teachers, Universities,  health workers, other community leaders, and opinion makers



18 march in 2016 Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar, Nurse Practitioner, visited Somaliland Borama the capital of Awdal region to mobilize mental health awareness among university students, because of the youth faced with difficult situations like unemployment after graduation and financial hardships including fees during university so some of the youth develop psychiatric problem specially depression


Mr. Abdiqani met with 150 universities student. He thought them about basic mental health and how they can adapt and manage difficult situation in their life during studies and after university some girls commit suicide due to difficulty in life. 

The success institute for human development is a Borama based and some of medical doctors graduated in Amoud University had done in this research

Most of girls who have committed self-inflicted burn suicide are aged between 16 and 20 years.

Collecting data of the last four years from 2009 to 2013 of girls who burnt themselves admitted to

Borama General hospital in Borama Somaliland showed this: we based this data only patients

admitted to Borama General Hospital not to other private hospitals

                                                           of Cases                    Died                        Survive

Year 2009 8 5 3
Year  2010 7 5 2
Year 2011 9 6 3
Year 2012 6 4 2
Year 2013 5 3 2






The topics included

  • Basic introduction of mental health
  • symptoms of  mental health
  • Counseling about mental heath
  • Risk factors of suicide and management
  • Motivation in student
  • Sing and symptoms of depression and management
  • How to reduce the stress