Out of the Shadows: Making Global Mental Health a Development Priority

Somali Mental Health Foundation was recently invited to participate in a two day series of events, Out of the Shadows: Making Global Mental Health a Development Priority. This high level event was hosted by the World Bank and the World Health Organization during the World Bank-Interagency Monetary Spring Meeting on April 13-14, 2016 in Washington D.C. The event highlighted the “urgent investment needed in mental health services” and showcased many “effective, generalizable, replicable and sustainable innovation” from many different countries.




We are committed to scaling up mental health services and accessibilities in Somalia.   So, while in Washington D.C., Dr. Mohamud and Mr. Abdullahi, Foundation Board members, made the time to meet with Mr. Thabit Mohamed, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Somali Embassy.  The meeting was positive and the discussion focused on the collaboration of the Somali Mental Health Foundation (SMHF) and the Health Ministry in Somalia. The SMHF objectives are to:

  • Promote awareness and an understanding of mental health service needs in Somalia.
  • Support the development of adequate facilities with highly qualified mental health professionals for the treatment of mental, neurological and psychosocial disorders.
  • Serve  as an advisory board for the Somalia government and other international organizations in the field of mental health in Somalia