SMHF Visit Dangorayo District Nugal Region, Somalia

The Foundation’s representative and managing Nurse Practitioner, Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar  visited Dangorayo District, Nugal Region of Somalia.  The aim of his visit was to treat mentally ill patients and also provide training of school teachers.

The key focus was to educate teachers about mental health symptoms specially with children. It’s a more common the majority of Somalia when a child students have low grade marks or behavioral problems the teachers and parents don’t know how to seek help or understanding what are the issues with their children. Most of the time they resort to traditional methods including punishment which causes the students to drop out of school or have more behavioral issues.

The number of the patients were  more than hundred with many different mental and other  illnesses and the teachers were around fifteen.

The trip was very successful, SMHF will continue the treatment and training and follow up in the near future in Dangorayo District , Nugal Somalia.