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Kismayo Mental Health Workshop in Partnership with Kisima

kismayo Workshop4

Kisima, a local NGO in Kismayo, the Somali Mental Health Foundation has to conduct a preliminary Mental Health Assessment on 25th -27th Jan and has also conducted a three days training workshop for most of the influential community groups, civil society and the local authorities

Somali Mental Health Foundation short visit to Bosaso Mental Health Center

  One of the mandates of The Somali Mental Health Foundation is to establish collaborative working relationships with the medical community and hospitals in Somalia. As such, the foundation’s representative and managing Nurse Practitioner, Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar visited Bossaso City, November, 2015. Mr. Abdiqani have seen around fifty mental health patients who were housed in …

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Somali Mental Health Foundation: 2013 Summary Report

2013 Summary Report Graph

In 2013, Somali Mental Health Foundation provided treatment to over 2500 patients with mental health issues throughout Somalia. View our 2013 summary report to learn more.

2013 Visit to Mogadishu Somalia

On July 2013, Our Managing Nurse Practitioner, Mr. Abdiqani Abdullahi Askar, visited Mogadishu in order to strength an already established partnership with Mr. Abdirsaq Ali Habeeb’s Mental Health Centers in Mogadishu, Somalia. Read full report here.

Issia Mohamed Story


Issia A. Mohamed, a 18 year old teenager was stricken by psychological illness when she was four months old according her mother. As you can see in this picture taken by a visiting member in Garowe, Somalia, Issia is condemned in this small empty filthy room with a rope tied to her leg which is secured in …

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The Story of Khadra Diriye

Khadra Diriye, a 40 year old mother of two beautiful children is from Djibouti (Somali national). Khadra a live stock trader businesswoman travelled and did business between Djibouti, Somalia, and Yemen.

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